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Radio Silence | Cast


Brent Nichols

Age: 23
Home: Tilbury, UK
Zodiac Sign & Birthday: Capricorn / January 3
Education: BSc Mathematics with Statistics for Finance at Imperial College
Instrument: Bass guitar
Musical Influence: Radiohead



Colbie Hackett

Age: 22
Home: Highwood Hill, London, UK
Zodiac Sign & Birthday: Aquarius / February 11
Education: BMus(Hons) at RCM London
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
Musical Influence: Queen, Nirvana



Matt Harewood

Age: 22
Home: Langdon Hills, Basildon, UK
Zodiac Sign & Birthday: Aries / April 13
Education: BMus(Hons) at RCM London
Instrument: Lead Vocals
Musical Influence: Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys



Shy Talowyn

Age: 21
Home: Stuttgart, Germany / London, UK
Zodiac Sign & Birthday: Sagittarius / December 21
Education: BSc Physics and Music Performance at Imperial College
Instrument: Keyboard
Musical Influence: Jonny Greenwood, Fischerspooner




Age: 20
Home: ??? Scotland?
Zodiac Sign & Birthday: Cancer / June 22
Education: ???
Instrument: Drums
Musical Influence: Sleater-Kinney, Queens of the Stone Age



Liz Walker

Age: 35
Home: North Somerset, UK
Education: BA (Hons) in Music Industry Management at U of Hertfordshire
Job: Band Manager