Chapter 4: Page 20 | Radio Silence

Won't stop doin' what I do

Chapter 2 of Promises and Presumptions, the dragon fantasy Wrenshy AU story, is up now!

Welcome to the SHOW! I know this will come up, so I'll explain quickly: the Twisted Tour is a very big rock show in which tons of people attend to see a dozen bands play half hour sets. Hardly any of them have probably heard of Radio Silence before. This is a huge opportunity for them to get new fans. Also take note that half of the stadium is blocked off - other events behind the curtain include, say, skateboarding demos. Radio Silence solo shows are much smaller. The huge crowds of potential new fans are way they're excited about this opportunity! (See also, Warped Tour Europe, which this tour is totally not parodying!)

Wallpaper version of the last panel available here!

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