Happy Halloween 2019! | Radio Silence

Wild are the winds that came

Happy Halloween! Radio Silence chapter 5 will begin next Tuesday!

Clockwise from the top:

- Liz the Aasimar cleric
- Matt the half-elf bard/rogue (swashbuckler)
- Wren the tiefling barbarian
- Shy the gnome wizard
- Colbie the half-elf-half-halfling bardruid (special appearance by his guitotter)
- Brent the goliath paladin (yeah I know male goliaths don't typically have hair so we'll say it was a spell or magic item or something)

We're very active over on discord so please, don't be afraid to come join us! It's a very friendly group!

RADIO SILENCE HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE IS NOW OPEN! Sign up here for the digital gift exchange, where readers make or buy fanart, fanfic, etc. for other readers in a Secret Santa! Signups end November 26th!

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