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A Radio Silence Happy Holiday

UPDATE JANUARY 2020: seems that the site is broken! I can’t update it! Please read the comments below!

Peanuts was voted highest for this year's parody, so I hope you enjoy this seasonal special! The comic will resume in the new year. Thanks for making 2019 so great, and see you in 2020!

Pages are up early on patreon, so if you want to see them now, pledge here!

Beloved creative readers who want to participate in more community events! Your wish is granted: the Radio Silence Shippy Big Bang is now accepting signups!

Writers: https://forms.gle/W8QnU4dSnsFkfmkY8

Artists: https://forms.gle/tPbvyjNp8JKdpBih8

What is a big bang?
Generally speaking, it’s a challenge where an author writes a story, and an artist is paired with them to make art that matches that story in some way!

What is the theme of this big bang?
As the stories will be posted just shy of Valentine’s Day, the theme is LOVE and SHIPS! The story and art should revolve around one (or more, if you’re ambitious!) pairings from Radio Silence.

See the sign up forms for more info! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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