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Podcaster Wren and Shy by starkfield
Liz by Artydesk
Matt and Colbie by Manda Crowley

Caesura by stranger__aeons: Deep in the mines underneath Craghammer Mountain slumbers an ancient and powerful evil. Or so said Colbie at least, dramatically retelling what he heard from the bartender in the previous town. Personally, Shy thought that was hogwash. He could tell Matt was also blowing off the excitable bard, whose tendencies to overexaggerate local legends had already gotten them intro trouble before. Or, vignettes from a D&D fantasy AU of Radio Silence. Author twitter

Obligations by Kittymay: Sometimes you have to do your duty.


Beloved creative readers who want to participate in more community events! Your wish is granted: the Radio Silence Shippy Big Bang is now accepting signups!

Writers: https://forms.gle/W8QnU4dSnsFkfmkY8

Artists: https://forms.gle/tPbvyjNp8JKdpBih8

What is a big bang?
Generally speaking, it’s a challenge where an author writes a story, and an artist is paired with them to make art that matches that story in some way!

What is the theme of this big bang?
As the stories will be posted just shy of Valentine’s Day, the theme is LOVE and SHIPS! The story and art should revolve around one (or more, if you’re ambitious!) pairings from Radio Silence.

See the sign up forms for more info! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Hello readers! An update: the comic is still on hiatus! My workspace has flooded, and I have to pack up my life and am displaced until the renovations are completed. I will be without access to my Cintiq to complete new pages. Instead of running out of my buffer and going on another hiatus, I’m delaying returning until I’m sure the renovations are wrapping up. Hope that’s understandable! Additionally, it seems that because of an update by my web host, my website isn’t allowing me to update the comic, so this is sort of a one-two punch...

If you would like to read the rest of the pages, they’re on Patreon for as little as $2 a month.

Update Jan 21: Comic returning February 4th!

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