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Working my way out of this hiatus

Just joining in on the meme train. I HAD to! These two were made for this!

I'm working away on pages again! I can't wait to finish out this chapter! It's been a rough road of recovery through a terrible 16 months and I think I'm finally seeing the other side, slowly but surely. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

What I've been working on in the meantime: I have TWO new publications!

Stray & Found - 16 pg zine about Damien and Cat's first meeting Expertise - 144pg of art/comics/writing about DnD characters

I'm also looking to hire someone to completely redo the Radio Silence website to something more stable. My host, on top of giving me a huge amount of problems with security in general, no longer supports the php version this site was made in, so I'm having to pay out of pocket to them for continuing to host the old version.

Please consider donating to my ko-fi so I can hire someone to redo it! Or if you're someone capable of doing that (like bringing it all over onto Comic Control for me) please reach out!

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